Joshua Rosenbaum

Music: Solo Artists (Brass)

About this creative

I initially got into music by learning to play the Viola in 5th grade, later learning to play the French horn, bass guitar, and guitar in the 6th grade. Most musicians have a moment where they hear something played on an instrument that instantly makes them fall in love with that particular sound; mine happens to be listening to Star Wars and hearing the horns! Since I began playing the horn I know I wanted to make music my life and become a professional musician. Since then I have made the Texas All State Band, and perform with the El Paso Symohony Orchestra as well as the El Paso Wind Symphony. While in high school I was invited to teach horn students at a local middle school one day a week, of whom all were successful in getting into the middle school TMEA All Region middle school bands. I love teaching the horn and because of my diverse background of playing Viola in a string and Symphony Orchestra, and guitar and bass in jazz bands as well as rock settings, I have been able to translate all these to my horn playing. I would love to teach, and perform