Stampede A Cappella

Music: Ensembles (Classical and Chamber Ensemble,Rock and Pop Ensemble)

About this creative

Stampede was founded by a group of undergraduate music majors at Southern Methodist University. A dynamic mix of opera singers, musical actors, music educators and choral lovers, Stampede has stepped outside the box of traditional collegiate a cappella groups with a unique mix of classical, pop, rock, and musical theater. Since its inception in September 2014, this ensemble has had the pleasure of performing for the Dallas Women's Club, President George W. Bush, Mrs. Laura Bush and their guests at the Bush Center, The Swiss Avenue Historic Society, and many Southern Methodist University events such as Celebration of Lights, the SMU Awards Ceremony, PigSkin Revue, SMU Catholic Banquet and Auction, and Family Weekend Talent Show. Additionally, Stampede has collaborated with award-winning countertenor John Holiday, the Meadows Jazz Orchestra, and producer Neeki Bey. This year, Stampede was honored with a Meadows Exploration Award, the \"Best Ensemble\" and \"Audience Choice\" awards at the SMU Parents Weekend Talent Show, and an invitation to Texas A&M's Acappellooza. The ensemble also performed their first formal concert in April. Hire Stampede for your event!