Miranda Macias

Music: Private Teachers (Woodwinds)

About this creative

My services consist of:

1) teaching private lessons to young bassoonists from a beginner stage (usually around 5th or 6th grade) through high school stage

2) teaching marching band and helping improve drill and marching fundamentals as a marching technician

3) teaching music for marching band

4) performing bassoon for any gig or booking (solo performance and ensemble performance)

5) teaching woodwind sectionals for concert bands, orchestra or marching band

6) teaching low brass sectionals for concert band, orchestra or marching band

7) conducting and/or directing chamber ensembles or large ensembles

I am able to perform all these services because I have experience in all these fields. I have been playing bassoon for at least 7 years and am currently studying with Wifred Roberts, who just retired from the Dallas Symphony Orchestra as principal bassoonist after 50 years. I have played baritone for at least 3 years and have been teaching low brass sectionals at a high school level for 3 years. I have also taught woodwind sectionals at a high school level for at least 3 years. I have taught for marching band for at least 3 years and conducted marching band and wind ensembles for 2 years.