Nicolas Farmer

Music: Composer or Arranger

About this creative

My name is Nicolas Farmer and I'm a music composition student at SMU Meadows in Dallas. Originally from College Station, Texas, I also play horn and have performed in various weddings and church services, chamber and wind ensembles, and orchestras, including the Houston Youth Symphony, in which I received exposure to major orchestral literature. My style of composition stems from the influences of the 20th-century masters Berg and Bartók, among others. I wish to write original, inspired music for sundry mediums, from the auditorium to the silver screen. If you are an ensemble looking for a new, meritable piece to play, a director seeking an original score for a film or musical theater production, or a dance troupe wanting a new number to choreograph, I am ready to embrace your needs and deliver well-constructed and memorable music. Please contact me or find me on SoundCloud to hear more of my work.