Stephanie Cham

Music: Solo Artists (Piano and Keyboard,Voice)

About this creative

Stephanie, or Stephi, lives a life shaped by the arts and her passion for sharing and listening to stories. She offers services in piano accompaniment, piano performance, solo and ensemble vocal performance (as a soprano or soprano II) and can play guitar, violin and the zither.

Stephi seeks connection to community through music and other forms of the fine arts. In 2010, Stephanie and some of her friends performed together as a small ensemble in elderly homes. They expanded it and established Song of Hope, a nonprofit organization that performs at care communities to raise money for scholarships awarded to young musicians.

Today, Stephi continues exploring the art of self-expression and communication she once persuaded a shy Burmese refugee to converse with her by playing the guitar with him and now seeks that connection in various forms of art. She spends her free time writing, practicing, reading (with a particular penchant for fantasy and YA novels), and spending time in the community or with her loved ones.