Sift Digital Consulting


Whether you have an app that needs to be discovered, an idea that needs to be heard, or a website that needs to be found, Sift Digital Consulting can help. We are graduates from SMU with a passion for entrepreneurship, a penchant for digital, and a low-cost solution to help grow your business.

You need a digital strategy; we're here to offer our insight on how to successfully establish and grow your brand. While digital marketing consulting is what we do, our toolbox consists of three main instruments.

Market Research:

We'll help you define your target audience demographically, psychographically, and geographically. A concrete understanding of your audience is indispensable.

Competitive Analysis:

It is important to know what is working and what isn't. We'll help you analyze what other players in your vertical are doing to give you a head start.

Media Strategy:

Finally, we'll drill down into the specific media that will best serve your business's goals. With specialties in paid search (Google/Bing) and social media strategy (Facebook/Twitter), you'll reach your audience at their most engaged.

Every business needs to be found. We are here to help level the playing field with insightful market intelligence at a low cost.