Lauren Lombardo


I'm a versatile writer who enjoys a creative challenge. My work ranges from press releases, newsletter, and blog posts to social media and long/short copy.

I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in Dec. 2014 with degrees in both English and Geography. You might be wondering, what’s up with that combination? I realized that I loved words and wanted to focus on honing my skills in crafting copy in order to be the best writer possible. I chose to major in English in order to pursue something I found meaningful—the shapes, sounds, arrangements, and connotations of language. But, there was still something missing...

I selected Geography as a second major because it encompasses a little bit of everything: conservation, nature, culture, policy, and even technology. I like to think and learn, and Geography focuses on drawing connections and finding patterns between unalike areas; it compels you to think outside of your own borders.

Now, I've added Advertising to the mix as a graduate student at Southern Methodist University. I hope to pull these varied areas of interest together as a professional copywriter, especially within a global industry that thrives on innovation and tailored communication.