Esk Design


My name is Eskinder Abebe I’m a senior 4+1 student majoring B.A in Creative Computing student and M.F.A in Design and Innovation. I’ll be graduating B.A December 2017 and my MFA in December 2018.

I have studied B.F.A for two years outside the USA and later worked on graphics design, illustration design, and web design for over 5 years. I am a proficient user of Adobe Creative Cloud. I am currently working on UX/UI design for mobile apps and working towards product design and development.

Some of the industry software knowledge I have are Solidworks, Maya 2016, Processing, UXpin, InVision, and Autodesk 360. I also work on paintings, drawings, and illustration for the exhibition and commissioned work.

My design manifesto: People appreciate products made with honesty. Great work is ultimately consistent with nature, the ultimate design.Be restless, find new and un-walked paths. Nothing is impossible when pursued with firm determination. Rejections just guide you toward your goals.