Amit Rathore


I am a mobile developer, with apps on the App Store and have been hired as a contractor for startups while still being in school. Working for both startups and corporations, I have the experience and knowledge to see a project from conception to execution.

I will be graduating with a BS in Computer Science and BA in Creative Computation. My two degrees give me the exposure to thinking like an engineer but also with a creative imagination. I plan to go to grad school for a Masters in Science for Data Science, adding additional skills and experience to my toolbox.

My interests include big data, machine learning, psychology, marketing, human behavior and interactions with technology, and working on new projects! I’ve been writing music for over 10+ years now and have been working on writing several novels during my free time.

With my skills and experience, the services I offer are, but not limited to:

Mobile Development for both iOS and Android

User Interface and User Experience Design

Web Development