Emely Villeda-Principe


I’m a senior attending Southern Methodist University as a double major in Creative Computing and Computer Science. I’ll be graduating with both BA degrees May 2017.

Since high school I’ve been interested in technology, particularly design and development. As I learned more about the different fields in technology, I found out that combining creativity with logic was crucial to tackle any problem. After learning about the Creative Computation program’s “whole brain” approach to combining the principles of design with engineering, I knew that SMU was where I belonged.

Aside from technological interests, I also enjoys music and fine arts, particularly ceramics and sculpture. Even with my rigorous course degrees I always find time to continue pursuing my interests in singing and creating awesome sculptures!

Currently I’m working in the SMU STAR (Student Assistant in Residence) Program, where I work on faculty media programs and help come up with digital solutions for academic needs. I also work at the IT Help Desk in the Office of Information Technology.