Ryan Blitzer


My name is Ryan Blitzer, and I'm currently a senior - graduating in May 2017 with my Masters degree in Film (as well as a dual bachelors in Film and Advertising). I've worked with filmmakers across the DFW-area in independent short films, non-profit, corporate and branding videos, as well as commercials (for clients like Gamestop, Dr. Pepper, Mary Kay and more). I have a wide range of experiences and tools under my belt, and can work with you on any projects that you need a creative for. Whether your project needs a more 'guerrilla shooter' or a thoroughly planned production, I'm able to adapt to your needs and requirements. I've served on set as major key roles, such as Director, Producer and 1st Assistant Director, but I can also work as a Production Assistant if you just need some additional help. My goal in the next five years is to work in the commercial industry as an established 1st Assistant Director, and to eventually direct my own commercials.