In today’s music industry there is a saturation of music that aims to please the masses, forgetting that music is supposed to be an art form. COLORS is a band dedicated to creating original music with the intention of portraying the sound of a new generation.

With influences such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ben Folds, Queen, Greenday and Beatles; and with band members hailing from all around the globe: Kansas, Texas, Florida, California and Vietnam. COLORS is an amalgamation of broad musical heritage and styles. With members ranging from music performance majors all the way to electrical engineering, each member of the band brings its own unique flavor to the sound.

Within Dallas’s music scene COLORS have already performed in many famous and historical venues in the city: Curtain Club, Liquid Lounge, The Door, and Prophet Bar. COLORS’s is a local band with plenty of gigging experience, ready to play original, soulful music, whatever the occasion!