Strategic Brand Management

Leading brands depend on knowing consumers and cultures, understanding today's digital spaces, and embracing creative. In today's global economy — where emerging players are making a crowded marketplace that much more competitive — it takes vision, leadership, salesmanship and organization to move brands forward efficiently, ethically and effectively.

Consumers are changing more (and faster) than ever before. The consumer class is exploding in developing economies. They're more brand-aware than ever. And they expect more than ever from their brands. Come and learn what you need to know about making brands important to consumers and effective channels for reaching your audience.

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If yesterday's consumer was a moving target, today's consumer is a mobile one. They're simultaneously more accessible and more private. They're networking, but only by invitation. They're more socially connected — and more globally concerned. And they're clicking past messages faster than technology can come up with new ways to push information in front of them. So, what advertising needs isn't more gimmicks. We need a way to create messages that translate across media — and a way to harness new and existing technology to change the way consumers interact with brands.

Strategic brand managers understand people first — then carefully choose the available solutions to build meaningful dialogue.

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