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Advertising is a team effort. And every team needs a coach, a quarterback and a cheerleader. The difference is that in advertising, those people are typically one person. An account manager has to walk the very fine line between art and commerce, budgets and deadlines, product promises and consumer demands, and even between responsibility and profitability. In today’s global economy — where emerging players are making a crowded marketplace that much more competitive — it takes vision, leadership, salesmanship and organization to move brands forward efficiently, ethically and effectively. Not coincidentally, these are the same traits you’ll need to work in tomorrow’s industry — and to run your own successful agency.


Account Management.

What makes a successful account manager? Discuss the personal and performance qualities it takes to do the job — and to do it well. Emphasis is on interpersonal skills, problem-solving and situational case studies.

Advertising Agency Management.

Begin to learn the business side of running and managing an advertising agency. Acquire an in-depth understanding of agency organization, business planning, organizational growth, client relationships, agency business models, agency positioning, business development, financial management and human resources management. You’ll come away from the course with the tools necessary to step into an active managerial role at an agency — or to better manage your own agency.


In any business, measuring success is critical. In advertising, it can often mean the difference between the success of a campaign and the loss of a client. Analyze the meaning of words like “relevance” and “engagement.” Explore how to tackle measurement across multiple media. Discuss who wants to measure what - and why it matters. And ponder the likely impact of measurement on ever-changing interactive media.


One elective from Planning or New Media courses.

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