New Media

Ideas are never obsolete.

If yesterday’s consumer was a moving target, today’s consumer is a mobile one. They&rsquo’re simultaneously more accessible and more private. They’re networking, but only by invitation. They’re more socially connected — and more globally concerned. And they’re clicking past messages faster than technology can come up with new ways to push information in front of them. So, what advertising needs isn’t more gimmicks. We need a way to create messages that translate across media — and a way to harness new and existing technology to change the way consumers interact with brands. The new media guru understands people first — then carefully chooses the available tools to build meaningful dialogue.


Message Delivery & Engagement Systems.

Explore creative ways to deliver messages to audiences using a variety of traditional and non-traditional media. Study delivery systems that can maximize consumers’ engagement with marketing messages. Topics covered include word-of-mouth, viral marketing, social networking, cause-related marketing, product placement and customer relationship management.

Creating and Managing Interactive Content.

Examine current interactive tools and technologies. Review the interactive industry landscape and the resources available. Identify the right interactive tools for the right purpose based on marketing and business objectives. See how to tie interactive initiatives to measurable ROI. Study tracking tools and the interpretation of statistical data. And address the issue of managing user-generated content in today’s complex, integrated media environment.


In any business, measuring success is critical. In advertising, it can often mean the difference between the success of a campaign and the loss of a client. Analyze the meaning of words like “relevance” and “engagement.” Explore how to tackle measurement across multiple media. Discuss who wants to measure what — and why it matters. And ponder the likely impact of measurement on ever-changing interactive media.

Commercialization of Virtual Space.

Understand how humans interact, communicate and consume in virtual environments. Develop commercial/social applications of virtual spaces both online and offline — including Web spaces such as Second Life and Active Worlds, social media vehicles like Facebook and MySpace, and video games. In this course, your goal is to understand users in virtual space, and explore applications that offer value to those consumers in the virtual and/or real world.

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