The Shuler Museum maintains a 1150 square foot storage facility and laboratories for research, fossil preparation, molding and casting, pollen extraction and analysis, and image and morphometric analysis. Several types of specialized imaging equipment are available for use, including a Leica epifluorescence microscope, a Keyence digital microscope, and a portable laser scanner with associated image processing software in the SMU Digital Earth Sciences Laboratory. Researchers also have access to SEM, XRD, and XRF facilities in the Roy M. Huffington Department of Earth Sciences, as well as the SMU Stable Isotope Laboratory with Finnigan MAT 252 and MAT 253 isotope ratio mass spectrometers and peripherals for analysis of waters, carbonates, and organic materials. In addition, departmental facilities are available for rock preparation and thin-sectioning.


Preparation Lab




Preparation Laboratory





Leica Epifluor




Leica Epifluorescence Microscope





Keyence Digital Microscope




Keyence Digital Microscope





Laser Scanner




Portable Laser Scanner