Vertebrate Type Specimens

Specimen Number: SMU 60315

Taxon: Canis latrans harriscrooki

Age: Late Pleistocene

Locality: SMU Loc. No. 147, Denton County, TX

Stratigraphy: T-2 Terrace

Material: Left dentary

Original description: Slaughter (1961)

Comments: Also figured by Slaughter et al. (1962) as Canis sp.(?)

Images available: lateral view, medial view, occlusal view


Slaughter, B.H. (1961) A new coyote in the Late Pleistocene of Texas. Journal of Mammalogy 42(4):503–509.

Slaughter, B.H., Crook, W.W., Jr., Harris, R.K., Allen, D.C., and Seifert, M. (1962) The Hill-Shuler local faunas of the Upper Trinity River, Dallas and Denton counties, Texas. Report of Investigations, University of Texas Bureau of Economic Geology 48: 1–75.