Vertebrate Type Specimens

Specimen Number: SMU 69120

Taxon: Libonectes (Elasmosaurus) morgani

Age: Late Pleistocene

Locality: SMU Loc. No. 235, Dallas County, TX

Stratigraphy: Eagle Ford Group, Arcadia Park Formation

Material: Skull and postcrania

Original description: Welles (1949)

Comments: Renamed Libonectes by Carpenter (1997)

Images available:


Carpenter, K. (1997) Comparative cranial anatomy of two North American Cretaceous plesiosaurs. In Callaway, J.M. and Nicholls, E.L. (eds.), Ancient Marine Reptiles. Academic Press, New York, 191–216.

Welles, S.P. (1949) A new elasmosaur from the Eagle Ford Shale of Texas. Part I: Systematic description. Fondren Science Series 1(1): 1–28.