Student giving offers the opportunity to join Mustangs who have come before you in supporting your peers as well as the generations of Mustangs who will follow you.

Tuition only covers approximately 70% of an SMU student’s education. The generosity of others, including current students, helps bridge that gap. Inspiring current students to help their peers through annual giving is an important element in the SMU student experience. In fact, student philanthropy is an integral part of providing a campus experience that engages both the minds and the hearts of our students and engenders a lifelong love of their alma mater from the point of admission to their singing the final stanza of our school hymn as alumni: "Alma mater we'll be true forever."

Students can Join the Stampede in a variety of ways. From saying thanks to alumni donors during our annual STOP Day to making a gift as part of the student giving challenges or even pledging support during the senior giving drive, students are making a meaningful impact each year.

Check back soon for more information on how students can Join the Stampede this school year.