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Online Conduct Fine Payment

This page has been developed to assist students who have been assessed a fine that is to be paid to the Office of the Dean of Student Life. Payments may only be made through this site using a valid credit or debit card, which is securely entered on the next page. You must ensure that the information you enter on this page matches the data on your credit card statement exactly, or the transaction may be rejected. You may also pay your fine in person at Room 302 of the Hughes-Trigg Student Center with cash, check or money order made payable to SMU.

PROCEED ONLY IF YOU ARE PAYING A FINE to the Dean of Student Life Office.

Note: * indicates required fields

Fine Information

Make sure the Fine Amount and Total Payment Amount that you enter below is formatted with ".00" by pressing the [Tab] key to get to the next field.

Fine Amount: $ *

  • You must include decimal point and cents (e.g. 100.00) to be valid.
  • An administrative fee of $5.00 is automatically added to the final total listed below to cover the cost of processing this online transaction.

Total Payment Amount: $   *

  • Total Payment Amount = Fine Amount + Administrative Fee

SMU ID Number:   *

  • This is your unique 8-digit SMU student number.

Charge Card Billing Address Information

(As it appears on your charge card statement.)
First Name*  
Last Name*  
ZIP Code*  
Telephone*   (Include Area Code)
  1. Does the address & name information you've entered above match your credit card information EXACTLY? (You'll enter your credit card number on the next page.)  
  2. Do the decimal point and cents (.00) appear in both amount areas above?  
  3. Does the 8-digit student ID number match what appears on your SMU ID?

Make sure you double-check everything before you click on "Go the the Next Step". Your transaction may be rejected if everything does not match.