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[Memo on inside front cover]

Memo of Persons to enquire for -- Elijah Wilmore, or Whitmore, of Mississippi -- relations live in King and Queen, Va.; he lives somewhere in the upper part of Miss., near the river.  Is a small settler.

Tuesday, Octo. 6th, 1835

Stage fare to Charlottesville, $5.

Left Fredericksburg at 1/2 past 12 o'clock, in the stage.  Passengers -- a Mr. S. T. Wharton, a lawyer from New Orleans, and his lady; Mr. Ficklin, a mercht. of Charlottesville, and daughter; a Mr. Roome, of New York, who is going to the White Sulphur Spgs. to take the body of his sister, a Mrs. Oakley, of N.Y., back to that place.  She came to the Springs in July in low health and died; 3 Cornish miners and 1 Scotchman who have been working at the Gold Mines about Fredbg. and are now going to Galena, in Illinois.  The Englishmen came over in the William IV, which arrived at Tappahannock this summer.  The Scot has been in the country 6 years.  He is a shrewd, but rough fellow and rather forward and conceited, named John Hyne.  The English more modest and well behaved -- Chappell, Hall, Collins.

Dined at Chancellors (dinner excellent, 50 cts.).  Met here F. W. Taliaferro, wife and daughter, returning home from upper country.

Supper at Terrell's good (50 cts.).  Arrived at Orange C. H. after 9 o'clock.  Lodging good, 25 cts., at Rawlings's.

Had a shower of rain this afternoon -- weather becoming cold.  Company agreeable.  The Scot talkative, fond of controversy, and of showing his reading, which is greater than could be expected from a man of his vocation and rude exterior.  Tried to engage with me on Universalism, which I avoided.  He was taken up and overcome but not silenced by the old merchant -- who I take to be a Baptist.

Wednesday, Octo. 7, 1835

Left Orange C. H. at 3 a.m., passed Barboursville, on the west side of S. West Mt.  Before arriving at Barboursville, gear broke and leaders ran off;

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The Diary of William Fairfax Gray, from Virginia to Texas, 1835-1837
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