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near the mouth of White River, in Arkansas, also stops there; also Mr. Obediah Small, living on the West Francis, 15 miles from Helena.  Mr. S. went from near Edenton, N. C.; lived in Alexandria 3 years.  Says the lands for 40 or 50 miles around him are very fine; all taken up, he thinks.

Friday, Octo. 23rd, 1835

The boat did not get far from Memphis before daylight.  Weather warm, uncomfortable, threatening rain.  I am quite well.  Paid fare from Louisville to Helena, $20.  Invited by Capt. Cardoza to visit him in New Orleans, and by Mr. Satterfield to visit him at Alexandria, and by Mr. Small to call at his house in Arkansas.  Mr. S. says he knows Wm. R. Horner; that he is doing a good law business.  About 10 o'clock a.m. passed the steamboat Geo. Colyer, from New Orleans to St. Louis.  A fine, large looking boat.

Passengers on board whose names I have ascertained and shall recollect:  Cooke, an engineer, and wife; Crog Ker, son of Dr. D. C. Ker; A. H. McClung, Jackson, who shot Allen; Dr. Carter, of Lexington, Ky.; J. H. Bush, Natchez, to whom I was introduced in Louisville; Dr. Merrill, of Natchez; Sam'l Toby, New Orleans; R. A. Striker, New Orleans; Dr. L. Bradford, Vicksburg; H. Connolly, Natchez; S. A. Meredeth, Natchez; Mrs. Graham Kerr, from Pittsburg to Vicksburg.

At 11 o'clock, passed steamboat Alert, coming up; at 1 o'clock met and passed steamboat Mountaineer, coming up, a few miles from Helena.  Arrived at Helena to dinner.

HELENA, Octo. 23rd, 1835

Put up at the home of Col. Wm. B. R. Horner, who keeps a tavern and practices law.  The court is held in his house, there being no court house built.  Tavern a very common and rough house; no bar; a large additional building, by Mr. Sandford, Horner's brother-in-law.  Horner and wife gone to Virginia, to Clarksburg, Harrison County, where his brother lives, and his son goes to school.  In their absence the tavern is kept by their son-in-law, Dr. Wherry.  Saw Mr. Sandford, who is building an addition to the tavern.  Was kindly received by the family as a far-off connection.  John Sandford is clerk of the court, and practices in trade with his brother-in-law, Hanks.  Advertises as land agent.  Introduced by Major Flournoy to the Register of the Land Office, Dr. Cabeen.  The Receiver, Littleberry Hawkins, has just been displaced, on a default, but Flournoy, who was one of his sureties, says he will pay up and save his sureties harmless.  His successor, ----- Thompson, of Kentucky, has been appointed two months, and has not yet arrived.  Mr. Chas. Morehead, Attorney-General of Kentucky, is here, entering land; also a Mr. Gaston and Mr. Miles, from Chicot County.  Met

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The Diary of William Fairfax Gray, from Virginia to Texas, 1835-1837
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