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He has just purchased a home in town, and will reside here.  Took tea and spent the evening with Chewning.  Mrs. Chewning not very pretty, but pleasant.  Introduced to Dr. and Mrs. Pallen.  He is a son of old Pallen, of Richmond, a Jew; she was a Miss Cochran, of Baltimore; recently married; only here a few weeks.

Monday, Nov. 2nd, 1835

John F. Scott came into our room this morning, while dressing.  He came during the night in the Mohawk.  Says Miss Horner is to be married this week to Mr. Wherry, brother to Dr. Wherry.  I have determined to commence operations in land in this state.  Engaged all day in copying maps, lent me by Dr. Macklin, Chewning and Scott.  Paid for parchment, $1.50.  Thin paper, 50 cents.  A Mr. Lee, of Fauquier, is engaged in the same business.  Introduced to Simon, the brother-in-law of Chewning, and to Dr. French, late of Norfolk, now of Vicksburg.

Dogwood, elm, scrub hickory, plum, redbud, are evidences that the land is not subject to overflow; also magnolia and stiff, heavy cane.

The following is a schedule of an outfit for going up the Sun Flower River to hunt lands, furnished by Dr. Maclin:

One barrel flour (saw out two staves, don't break the head), corn meal, 25 lbs. sugar, 15 lbs. coffee, 1 coffee mill, 1 coffee boiler, 6 tin cups, 6 tin plates, 4 butcher knives, 1 tent cloth, 1 buffalo robe, 6 blankets, 3 round wood boxes, 1 bushel potatoes, black pepper, red peper, salt, half bushel onions, 4 canvas hams, mustard, belt, hatchet, cane knife, half gallon vinager, 1 gallon molasses, a skiff, 2 oarsmen, 2 compasses, 2 guns, cheese, pickles, skillet, pot, frying pan, tin bucket, tin pan, ammunition, 10 gallons whiskey, in a keg.

R. Crump, Archer and Dr. Birchet all set off for Virginia this afternoon, in the steamboat.  Wrote by them hastily to my wife and to T. Green.

The general election takes place today and tomorrow throughout the State.  Went to the court house to see how it went on.  Much order and decorum, no quarrelling, little apparent excitement; have seen much more confusion and disorder at an election in Virginia.  Vote by ballot.  All the officers of the State election, from the Governor and Chief Justice down.

Hudgins will remain and operate here with me for the present.  Farish will go on with Scott.  Archer has made a conditional purchase of a plantation of ----- acres; part open, for $30,000, three payments of $10,000, first on 1st of March, 1836, the balance in one and two years thereafter, and he returned to Virginia for his slaves, without seeing the land.  A friend of his who goes in with him knows the place.  No letter from home.

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The Diary of William Fairfax Gray, from Virginia to Texas, 1835-1837
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