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on real estate; loans for six months, to be made at 8 per cent, for a longer period at 10 per cent.  Each office to be under the management of ----- directors; shares, one hundred dollars; five shares to give a vote; no stockholder to have more than fifty votes.  He offered, as a favor, to let me in for a share of the stock, if I would advance the 10 per cent required for the first payment on 350 shares.  Chartered for ----- years.

Introduced to Judge Underwood, of Kentucky, who has been on the Brazos, near the Falls, and bought lands; he is now returning home for his hands to settle them.  A pleasant and intelligent gentleman.  Wrote by him to T. Green, to be put into the office at New Orleans.

Capt. Archibald Hotchkiss arrived this evening, and with him Dr. Edwin Herndon, who is on his way to see the Surgeon General, with the intention of joining the Texean army.  He has arrived opportunely to accompany me.

Visited, in company with Herndon and Judge Hotchkiss, a gambling house, kept by Miguel Cortinez; Mexican women and men, and some Americans, were playing at monte, roulet, faro, etc.; a dirty and mean looking place.

J. K. Allen thinks the Texean loan a capital investment.  Says he will put 400,000 acres of land in with the $200,000, and take a joint interest with the lenders.

Saturday, February 6, 1836

Dr. Herndon had foundered his horse, and left him at San Augustine, and borrowed one of Col. A. Houston, the back of which he hurt coming to this place.  He did not succeed in buying one until dinner time, and we concluded not to start until tomorrow.

Introduced to Col. Bean,[ 8]  a gentleman of Texas, who owns an estate beyond the Angelina.  He holds the command of Colonel in the Mexican army.  Saw also Judge Roeg,[ 9]  the brother of the political chief of Nacogdoches.  They are Swiss.  Introduced to Judge Forbes,[10]  the Alcalde at this time, and to Major Arthur Henry, the surveyor general, postmaster, etc.

Dined at Col. Raguet's, in company with J. K. Allen, H. C. McNiel, Capt. Sherman.  Saw Almonte's account of Texas, in Spanish.  Miss Anna Raguet[11]  has translated the part relating to the Department of Nacogdoches, which she obligingly lent me to copy.

Judge Hotchkiss has made the following proposition to me:  He will put sixty leagues of land, in the Colonies of Zavala, Vehlein and Burnett -- all good titles -- at 35 cents per acre; he will divide it into six parts, and will retain one part himself; he will give me one part, for selling, in the United States or elsewhere, the other four undivided parts.[12]

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The Diary of William Fairfax Gray, from Virginia to Texas, 1835-1837
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