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Sunday, February 14, 1836

A clear and cold morning.  Rose early, took a wretched breakfast of the same coarse and dirty materials that we had last night.

Found that Governor Smith was in San Felipe, and none of the government here.  Resolved to go directly on to San Felipe.  Our fellow traveller, Whitely, appointed to meet me at Tinoxticlan on Friday or Saturday, and accompany me to the Falls of Brazos.  The foot passenger who has accompanied us for the last six days, whose name is James Pinchback,[31]  this morning enlisted in Sherman's company of volunteers -- for the war.

The following are the members-elect of the Convention from the municipality of Washington:  Dr. B. B. Goodrich, Dr. S. Barnett, Capt. G. B. Swisher, Jesse Grymes, Esq.

The following are the members from San Felipe:  Dr. C. B. Stewart, Thomas Barnett, Randall Jones.

Dr. Goodrich gave me a letter of introduction to Dr. Stewart. 

Left Washington at 10 o'clock.  Glad to get out of so disgusting a place.  It is laid out in the woods; about a dozen wretched cabins or shanties constitute the city; not one decent house in it, and only one well defined street, which consists of an opening cut out of the woods.  The stumps still standing.  A rare place to hold a national convention in.  They will have to leave it promptly to avoid starvation.

We intended to reach the home of Col. Edwards, thirty miles from Washington, but my horse became lame, and we were obliged to stop at the house of one ----- Lakey,[32]  a wretched open log cabin.  Family rude and uncourteous; fare, fried pork and bad corn bread; coffee made of corn without sugar; but our horses were well provided.  Lodged in the kitchen, an open and filthy place.  There were two beds.  One was occupied by the overseer and a neighbor.  I was allowed the other, which was of straw, with dirty and few clothing.

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The Diary of William Fairfax Gray, from Virginia to Texas, 1835-1837
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