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assured that it would be impossible to make the trip to the Falls before the Convention, as the Yegua would also be up, and that is a much more considerable stream than the New Year's Creek.  So I gave it up, and remained with Gary another night.

Tuesday, February 23, 1836

Rode over in the morning to Gideon Walker's, and contracted with his son, Sanders Walker, to clear out a league of land for him, being his settlement right.  Thence to old James Walker's, who told me he was from Orange County, Va.  Contracted with his son, John M. Walker, to clear out a league of land for him, as a settlement right, he having been twelve years in the country.  While at Walker's Judge Chambers and Major Lewis rode up, accompanied by young Manuel Valdes.  They were seeking a ford across the New Year's Creek, on their way to the United States.  Rode with them to Washington, which we did not reach till after night.  Had much interesting conversation with Chambers and Lewis on Texean affairs.  Found Sherman and his company still at Washington.  Dr. Herndon returned to the United States without making any stop here.

Wednesday, February 24, 1836

Started about noon for San Felipe, with the intention of clearing out the land for Gary, Walker, etc., in company with a man named Fitch, who had brought an express, and was on his return to Gonzales.  Learned from him that he had been a soldier in the United States army eighteen years, and had been eight times tried by general court martial.  He is now a lieutenant in the Texian army.  His person, manners, conversation, etc., were such as might be expected from such an education.  Arrived after night at the home of a Mr. Foster, a venerable old man, a native of King and Queen County, Virginia, and his wife, of Spottsylvania County.  Her name was Waller, and she is a cousin of Absalom, Aylette and Curtis Waller.  They appear to be an amiable, worthy and pious couple.  Here, for the first time in Texas, I heard a blessing asked for our meal at supper.  Found Mrs. Childres here.  Had a good supper, plenty of corn and fodder for our horses, and a good night's rest; $1.

Thursday, February 25, 1836

Started early and rode to Col. Edwards' to breakfast (sixty-two and a half cents).  At Cummins' found Mill Creek very high, but he having recovered his pirogue, passed us over dry, and we swam our horses (twelve and a half cents).  Reached the land office about 2 o'clock, and found they had stopt business, and Dr. Peebles,[ 1]  the Commissioner, had gone to his farm.  Rode into town to buy powder for a young man at Col. Edwards', but could get none.  Saw Mr.

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The Diary of William Fairfax Gray, from Virginia to Texas, 1835-1837
Copyright 1997 William P. Clements Center for Southwest Studies
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