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coming in, and it is now evident that a quorum will be formed tomorrow.  Gen'l Houston's arrival has created more sensation than that of any other man.  He is evidently the people's man, and seems to take pains to ingratiate himself with everybody.  He is much broken in appearance, but has still a fine persona and courtly manners; will be forty-three years old on the 3rd of March -- looks older.  (Born 3rd of March, 1793.)  He is a native of Virginia, I think of Augusta County; entered the service of the United States as a private.  Was wounded at the battle of Horseshoe, and commissioned for his gallantry; was a favorite of Gen'l Jackson; was a lawyer; became member of Congress in -----; served ----- years; was made Major General and then Governor of Tennessee.  An unhappy passage in his domestic relations induced him to resign and go to live with the Indians.  Has been ----- in Texas.[10]

Tuesday, March 1, 1836

Yesterday was a warm day, and at bed time I found it necessary to throw off some clothes.  In the night the wind sprung up suddenly from the north and blew a gale, accompanied by lightning, thunder, rain and hail, and it became very cold.  In the morning the thermometer was down to 33 degrees, and everybody shivering and exclaiming against the cold.  This is the second regular norther that I have experienced.

Notwithstanding the cold, the members of the Convention, to the number of -----, met today in an unfinished house, without doors or windows.  In lieu of glass, cotton cloth was stretched across the windows, which partially excluded the cold wind.

The Convention was called to order by Mr. Childres, of Milam.  Mr. Collingsworth, of Brazoria, was called to the chair pro tem., and Mr. Farris appointed Secretary pro tem.  A committee on elections was then appointed, to whom the credentials of members were to be submitted, and the Convention adjourned until half past 1 o'clock.

At half past 1 the Convention met, and the committee reported forty-one members present who were duly elected, and some about which there was contest or difficulty, on which they wished the action of the house.


Nacogdoches -- Thomas J. Rusk, Ga.; Jno. S. Roberts, [Charles] S. Taylor, England; [Robert] Potter, North Carolina.

San Augustine -- Martin Parmer, [Edwin] O. LeGrand, [Stephen W.] Blount, South Carolina.

Sabine -- James Gaines, Va.; William Clark.

Washington -- Dr. [Benjamin] B. Goodrich, Virginia, via Tennessee and Alabama; Capt. [James G.] Swisher, Tennessee; Dr. [George W.] Barnett,

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The Diary of William Fairfax Gray, from Virginia to Texas, 1835-1837
Copyright 1997 William P. Clements Center for Southwest Studies
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