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Latitudes from actual observation -- taken from a memo of S. Rh. Fisher
Arunsasse 27-57
Matagorda 28-19
Brazos 28-56
N. Orleans     29-57 ----- 90.9
S. M. Pass 28-56 ----- 89.29

Monday, March 21, 1836

The cabinet this morning left Groce's for Harrisburg.  The following gents. accompany them:  Triplett, Hise, Kimble, Gray, Dr. Southerland, Sage, Farris, McCloud, Hill and Hizer.  The following also departed in different directions:  Navarro and Ruis for San Felipe; Blount, Brigham, etc.

Some gents. had expressed an unwillingness to remain at Groce's, because they thought it imposing on the hospitality of a gentleman too much.  This delicacy was cured when, on starting, he presented each with a bill for $3 per day, man and horse.  My bill was $8 from Friday night to Monday morning.

Our journey was without incident, but over a beautiful prairie country.  As accommodations were very scarce on the road, and the President gave a broad hint that he wished the Cabinet to keep together and be freed from the presence of the untitled and unofficial part of the cavalcade, We the People stopt at the house of ----- McEarly,[ 1]  and the Cabinet wabbled on to Roberts', three miles further.  Discovered that I had left my umbrella and inkholder at Groce's.  Wrote a note to him, to be sent back by some traveller, desiring him to send them to me at Harrisburg.

On attempting to go to rest, found my blankets were missing.  And with all my exertion could only raise one of them, which was obtained from the camp of a small party of soldiers who were encamped a short distance from the house.  Their captain, whose name was Henderson,[ 2]  a little conceited and insignificant whippersnapper, was well lodged in the house, and although it was obvious his men had stolen my blankets, he would not use his authority to compel restitution, so I had to put up with one blanket, and rather cold lodging.  This Captain Henderson is a Tennesseean, and is hanging on to the government with

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The Diary of William Fairfax Gray, from Virginia to Texas, 1835-1837
Copyright 1997 William P. Clements Center for Southwest Studies
Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas