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as a friendly citizen.  The others are sent to Galveston Bay to work on the fortifications.  Col. Stanley sent to Galveston Bay.

Mr. Gritton arrived here this evening from San Felipe.  He is an Englishman; was secretary to Almonte when he visited Texas in 1833; he is now employed as translator to the Executive.  Says Almonte is the son of Padre Morelas, a priest, or cure; that he always passed for the nephew of the priest.  He is now about thirty-one years of age; was brought up in the country house of Pouche & Bean, of New Orleans.  He is now with the invading army.[17]

No satisfactory arrangement of the loan yet.  The negotiation becomes more and more embarrassed.  Thomas is the great stumbling block.

Tuesday, March 29, 1836

The steamboat Cayuga,[18]  Captain Harris, came up this afternoon.  The sound of her steam made my heart leap like the voice of an old friend.  I had not heard the sound before for two months.  Mr. Savage came as a passenger in her.  Zavala is again very sick.  Hardiman has arrived, which will again retard the negotiations for the loan.  He must be made acquainted with it.

The probability that Fanning is cut off becomes every day nearer to certainty.  Houston is falling back to the Brazos.  Colonel Houston, the Quartermaster General, arrived today on his way to Galveston.

Wednesday, March 30, 1836

This morning Zavala returned home to recruit his health, and his son proceeded to the army.  Sage and Norton went down in the boat with him, to proceed to the United States in Morgan's vessel, to sail Saturday, April 2.

Houston has certainly fallen back to the Brazos and encamped opposite to John Groce's, about eight miles above San Felipe.[19]

Savage also went down in the boat with Zavala to Lynchburg.

At length an agreement or compromise for the loan is signed -- all the signatures are to it except Zavala's and Potter's.

Rusk is very sick today.  He would have gone to the army but for his illness.

Dr. Grant, who commanded a party of Texeans, has been surprized and cut off.  Colonel Ward also has been decoyed from Goliad and cut off.  (Said to have been entrapped by a man named Ayres).  [in pencil] Mistake![20]

The present clerks in the Executive Department are:  Dr. Southerland, John D. McCloud, Elisha M. Pease, Willis A. Farris, Edward Gritton, translator; ----- Hill.

Wrote to T. Green.

Dr. Neblett went down to Lynchburg.

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The Diary of William Fairfax Gray, from Virginia to Texas, 1835-1837
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