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all proceeded together to Lynch's.  Here we found Dr. Neblett awaiting us.  My horse was missing, whether strayed or pressed[45]  could not tell.  Triplett, Neblett and Dobie hastened on to Harrisburg, in order to get a grant from the government of the land they have located on Galveston and Point Bolivar, in which I have taken an interest equal to my interest in the loan.  I am left here on foot.  Wrote to W. M. B. and to Mrs. Gray.

The report of the near approach of the enemy is confirmed by numerous persons.  Here is the Mr. Kuykendall and his family who were reported murdered by them.  He was a prisoner, and was saved by a Colonel Bringas, who gave him the following safe passport:

"El Col. Juan Bringas, Com'dt jr. el E. S. P'se de la seccion de Vanguardia.

"En viatud de haberse procurando el ciud'o Joseph Kuykendall, y no haber hecho armas contra el Ejercito, se le extiendo el presente resguardo p'a que pueda permanecer tranquilo y sin ser molestado.

"Fort Bend, Abril 12 de 1836.

"Juan M'a Bring."

His wife had the child of his nephew, six or seven weeks old; the mother was missing, no one knew where.  The women had been fired on by the soldiers, and had fled.  This poor mother had fallen with fright and weakness, and was reported killed.  While they were here the father of the child arrived, not knowing that it was here.  He had heard of his wife.  She is in the hands of friends.

President Burnett passed on his way home to take care of his family.

I heard of my horse, by Mr. John M. Smith,[46]  who has promised me another to ride to where mine is tomorrow.

Mr. Zavala and lady were here this evening.  He came home yesterday.  It is strange that he and Burnett should both be away from Harrisburg at once.

Memo. -- The child with scalded hand.

Mrs. Turner of Gonzales, six sons, five daughters; land on the La Baca.

Triplett and Neblett returned about 12 o'clock at night; missed the President, and did not get their business accomplished.

Thursday, April 14, 1836

At Lynch's Ferry.  After breakfast Triplett and Neblett rode to Burnett's, but he had left home with his family.  On their return they sent a messenger down to New Washington to see if he was there, and wrote to him.  He promised to meet them next morning at 11 o'clock at Vince's.

The steamboat Cayuga came up after dark, on her way to Harrisburg.  I went on board for a minute, and got Potter's signature to the compromise loan contract.  He desired me to say to Triplett that the government wishes him to

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The Diary of William Fairfax Gray, from Virginia to Texas, 1835-1837
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