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Saturday, May 14, 1836

In New Orleans.  Impatient to be at home, but am prevailed on by Dr. Neblett to remain until Triplett arrives, to try and arrange a plan of operations about Galveston.  He, Neblett, being obliged to go to the sales at Chockchuma.  I am also desirous of getting the script duly arranged, and reluctantly consented to wait for Triplett, who is hourly expected.

Sunday, May 15, 1836

This morning there was a grand military parade of the legion.  Went with Slaughter to the Episcopal service.  A Mr. Wheat of Marrietta preached.  He was formerly of Alexandria, D. C.  Has been preaching here for some weeks.  Good, sensible discourse.  This is the first Episcopal service I have attended since I left home.  Walked home with Miss Connolly.  Saw Mr. and Mrs. B. Chew.  Dined at R. Marye's.  After dinner he and I set off to go to Carrollton, but were too late for the cars.  Met Mr. Pearce and Miss Shields.  Went to the tobacco warehouse which Marye rents this year.  It is for sale; he thinks it would be a good speculation.

Neblett went today.[18]

Monday, May 16, 1836

I now learn that Triplett went back to the army of Texas after learning of the battle.  He is expected here every day.  Invited by Pearce to a family dinner tomorrow with Major Miller, etc.

Tuesday, May 17, 1836

Dined at Pearce's.  Company: Major Miller, Mr. Nicholson, Dr. Ker, Miss Shields and self.  Mrs. Ker has gone to Alexandria to see her daughter, Mrs. Dr. Davidson.

Presented by Pearce with a ticket to the Italian opera.  Went at night, and sat in his private box.  The piece was the "Straniera."  Performance similar to that which I witnessed before.

Wednesday, May 18, 1836

Called to see J. H. Caldwell; invited to dinner next day.  Called to see Murat; not at home; left card.  In afternoon rode in steam car to Carrollton.  Took tea at Marye's.

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The Diary of William Fairfax Gray, from Virginia to Texas, 1835-1837
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