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Virginia.  Saw also today a Mr. Wm. H. Easter, a lawyer, partner of Harry I. Thornton.  There are many Virginians here.  The town is beautiful and thriving; streets paved with shells, white and pretty, houses very neat, some elegant.  Great speculations in real property making.  Saw again A. M. Cammack and his younger brother, who is living with John Scott.

Tuesday, May 24, 1836

John Scott was so attentive as to call on me this morning in a gig, and rode me several miles up the beautiful Spring Hill road, and to the famous orange groves, and the graveyard.  Delightful gig roads.  Called to see Mr. Labuzan, also to take leave of H. Nelson.  Memo. to call on him in Petersburg -- about Texas, etc.  Tavern bill, $5.

At 10 o'clock took passage again on the Merchant for New Orleans.  A. C. Cammack on board, also a Mr. Treat, of New Orleans, and Mr. Barrelli, who has now got his wife and child with him.  Had a pleasant passage.

James N. Newby is keeping a tavern at Pascagoula Bay.  He is employed by the proprietor to keep the house.

Steamboat, $12; car and omnibus, 50 cents.

Wednesday, May 25, 1836

Found ourselves this morning in Lake Borgue.  Had no incident on the passage.  At the Lake House met my Mexican friends, Navarro and Seguin, who had been on a trip to the lake, and returned to town in the car with me.  Arrived at New Orleans at 10 o'clock.  Found General Houston and his staff here.  Also R. Triplett, who arrived only last night.  By him received letters from Mrs. Gray of February 12 and 19, February 22 and 29, March 3 and 14; from T. Green, March 7 and March 11; from J. M. Patton, March 15, which had gone to Texas, and missing me there, have been returned.

Had a meeting of the subscribers to the loan at the Arcade.  They refused to accept the form of script which R. Triplett brought from the Executive of Texas.  Appointed a committee to draft a proper form.  They approved unanimously of the compromise.

A. Penn promised me his business in Texas if I should settle there.

Thursday, May 26, 1836

Cannot get Triplett to give attention to the Galveston business; too much occupied with his agency.  Saw Gail and Th. H. Borden.  Saw Alex'r Lawson, took tea with him and wife and her sister at the French boarding house of Mesdames Rigault and Griffon.  Pretty and fine child, white wife.

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The Diary of William Fairfax Gray, from Virginia to Texas, 1835-1837
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