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Hickman County, the first town in the State of Kentucky, ascending the river.  Entered mouth of Ohio at half past 3 o'clock.  In a conversation with January about his pressing machine, a proposition was made for me to take the agency of it for Texas, I to obtain the passage of a patent law, and to take out the patent as a proprietor, in my name.  He first said he must consult his partner as to terms, but at last said he would allow me half of all I could make by the sale of rights.  Requested me to call at January & Huston's, in Maysville, and see one of the presses in operation.  It is the invention of a Mr. ----- Payne.  The firm is Payne & January.  Slaughter is the son-in-law of Payne, and concerned in the sale of the patent rights.

Arrived at Paduca, at the mouth of Tennessee River, about 10 o'clock.  Some passengers went ashore.  Arrived at Smithland, mouth of Cumberland, about 12.  I was asleep.  Here Mills, Slaughter and January left us, the former going to Nashville, the latter to their home, Russellville, Ky.

Thursday, May [June] 9, 1836

Found ourselves this morning between Livingston County, Kentucky, and Pope County, Illinois.  About 8 o'clock passed the celebrated Cave in Rock, of which we had a full view.  The scenery truly splendid.  9 o'clock, met and passed steamboat Farmer.  A good looking company of infantry in blue dress and white hats was drawn up on hurricane deck; supposed going to Texas.

Friday, June 10, 1836

This morning, opposite to Rockport.  Passed Troy, Indiana; Cloverport, Ky.; Stevensport, Ky.; Rome and Leavensworth, in Indiana.  No incident worthy of note.

Saturday, June 11, 1836

This morning found ourselves opposite to Portland.  Passed up to Louisville over the falls; arrived at Louisville before breakfast.  Put up at Galt House.  Saw Hill, Cox, Burnley, Wallace.  Dined with Wallace by invitation.  Present, his sister, Colonel Floyd and wife, and a Mr. Voorhees.  Returned to tea with Burnley.  Spent a pleasant evening.

Sunday, June 12, 1836

At Louisville.  Went to the Episcopal Church.  Enquired for Judge Brown.  He was not there.  Found the convention was in session.  Bishop Smith preached.  Saw Geo. Hancock.  Dined with him at Galt House.  Saw the Rev'd Mr. Cleaver, Dr. John E. Cooke, Dr. Coit, Mr. Caswell, etc.  Found there was an unpleasant state of affairs in the church.  The Bishop and his clergy are at variance, and

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The Diary of William Fairfax Gray, from Virginia to Texas, 1835-1837
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