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Friday, June 17, 1836

Above Guyandotte.  Anderson and his party and Bell have left us at Guyandotte.  Passed Galliapolis, in Ohio, and Point Pleasant, in Virginia.  The steamboat Detroit, on which I now am, is a boat of the second class, dirty and uncomfortable.  the steward and waiters dirty and rude.  And the Captain not agreeable.  All the passengers out of humor.

Saturday, June 18, 1836

Found ourselves this morning above Marietta, sixty or seventy miles below Wheeling.  Passed steamboats Wacousta and Tuckahoe.  The scenery of the banks improves in beauty and romance.  Very mountainous.  At half past 2 o'clock the boat grounded, and we did not get off for some time.  At 5 o'clock passed Elizabethtown, the courthouse of the new county of Marshall, in Virginia; a beautiful place.  A number of coal banks visible on the shore.  They dig the coal out of the mountain side, and run it down to the river through spouts, from which it is discharged into boats.  Arrived at Wheeling about 7 o'clock.  Here Foote and many other passengers left us.  Taverns in the town are all crowded.  No place to sleep.  Stages all engaged for two or three days.  Resolved to go on to Pittsburg in the Detroit, as our passage to that place is paid, and we may reach there early tomorrow.  I wish also to see my sister and her family, and by leaving Pittsburg on Monday I shall not lose much time,  Steamboats Post Boy and Dayton are lying here.  Walked up into the town with Mr. Martin.  An active, flourishing looking place.  A great many manufactories.  Saw on the books of the tavern that Wm. H. Wharton had been here a day or two before and had passed on to Texas.

Sunday, June 19, 1836

Our Captain told us we should stop only one hour at Wheeling, instead of which he stopt eight or nine; got under way before day.  Twenty minutes after 4 o'clock passed Warren, Ohio, Wellsburg, Va.; 8 o'clock passed Steubenville, a beautiful place; 11 o'clock, met Post Boy; 12 o'clock, passed Wellsville, Leverpool.  1 o'clock, arrived at Beaver, where Messrs. Rundell and Reynolds and their wives left us.  The vicinity of Beaver is truly beautiful.  Passed New Philadelphia and Freedom, etc., and the famous station of the Harmonists, Economy.[ 1]  At 8 o'clock came to for the night at Shaw's town, or Floherty.  The steamboat Roanoke passed by us up the river.

Monday, June 20, 1836

Started at 5 o'clock, and in less than two miles grounded, and with all the efforts of the crew could not get off until after 3 o'clock, and not until they took

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The Diary of William Fairfax Gray, from Virginia to Texas, 1835-1837
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