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Memoranda of a Trip to the South from Fredericksburg,
Virginia, begun January 17, 1837

Left Fredericksburg at 12 o'clock m. in the cars on the railroad, baggage consisting of one large black trunk, one hair trunk, saddle bags, hat box with a hat in it, having a cap on my head, umbrella and sword tied together, a large green blanket with a horse blanket and leggings wrapt up in it (too much by half).

Cash on hand:
In gold pieces $20.00
Small silver in bag     20.00
Bank notes 10.00
Change in purse 5.80

Arrived at Richmond about 8 o'clock at night.  Paid fare, $4; dinner, 50c.

W. H. Finnall started from home with me, expecting we should keep company to New Orleans.  Found I could not make my arrangements in Richmond tonight; Finnall went on, and I expected to find him in Petersburg.  Saw T. Green, Mr. Ritchie; called at Peyton's, where I saw the Tripletts, Macfarland and wife, Dr. Scott, etc.  Macfarland said he was glad I was going to Texas, that he would get me to attend to some business for him. . . ?

Wednesday, January 18, 1837

At Richmond.  Saw at Triplett's a Mr. Wm. Ross of -----, Va., who had a brother, Reuben Ross, who served in some military adventures in the Mexican Revolution, and he says had his account settled by the Mexican government.  Balance due him for advances and services, $31,000; that the Mexican government had made him a grant of land on Red River, which had been confirmed by Coahuila and Texas; that R. Ross was murdered in Texas and never located his grant; that his widow and four children are now living in Virginia, and they wish the claim pushed against the government of Texas.  She is a sister of Fleming B. Miller, who is now absent from Richmond, but expected here tomorrow.  He is in favor of giving me the claim, but she will do nothing without the advice

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The Diary of William Fairfax Gray, from Virginia to Texas, 1835-1837
Copyright 1997 William P. Clements Center for Southwest Studies
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