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Saturday, January 21, 1837

Arrived at Fayetteville at 8 o'clock.  Found the stage had left us, it being sent off by Saltmarsh, the contractor, without a passenger, just before we arrived.  Here we have to stay until chance shall give us a seat in the stage, as the passengers who may come on tomorrow will have the preference over us; so says Mr. Saltmarsh, by whom we have been badly treated, and who is a very rude, ill-bred fellow.

Fayetteville is on the Cape Fear River.  Has been severely burnt, and appears in a decaying state.  They are now much elated at the prospect of revival by reason of railroads, etc.; five very neat churches, Roman Catholic, Episcopal, Presbyterian and Baptist and Methodist.  Visited the Donaldson Academy; pretty and flourishing institution.  In the evening 100 guns were fired for the passage of a railroad bill.  Wrote to Mrs. Gray.

Met here L. L. Stevenson, of Staunton.  Paid him clerk's fee, bill for copy [of] record, Brook vs. Beverley, from Staunton, $2.37.  Tavern bill, $2.25.  Barber and boots, 25 cents.

Sunday, January 22, 1837

The mail from Raleigh not arriving in time, we left Fayetteville at 7:30 o'clock, Taliaferro, Bann and Williamson.  Day clear and cold.  Mr. Saltmarsh also in company.  Dinner at Dunsville, 50 cents (toddy, 10 cents).  Just before night stalled; quarrel between Saltmarsh and his driver.  He said it was the driver's fault; had he gone the right road he would have gone clear; if his horses could not pull that load, they could pull nothing.  With the assistance of some blacks we at last got off, but a few miles further the shackle broke, and we narrowly escaped upsetting.  Then the discerning Mr. Saltmarsh said nothing could stand such a load as we had, and that he ought to have left us at Fayetteville.  With some difficulty and labor we got a pole under the stage, and thus got on to the next stage.  Supper at Cheraw, S. C., 50 cents -- on southwest side of the Peedle.

Monday, January 23, 1837

Breakfast at -----, 50 cents.  Supper at Columbia, 62 1/2 cents, in a large, imposing looking room, with no fire place nor stove; very uncomfortable.  Servant said they never had a fire in that dining room, to prevent gents. from sitting too long at table.

Fare to Augusta, $8.  Extra for heavy baggage, $8.  Here commenced a system of iniquitous extortion.  I shall long remember this headquarters of nullification and extortion.  Contractor J. McLean, agent Stalker.  Here we left poor Williamson sick.

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The Diary of William Fairfax Gray, from Virginia to Texas, 1835-1837
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