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Triplett and Neblett, but Green's interest is so great, and I feel so strongly bound to do what I can to advance his interest, that I will do it.

Had a conversation with Yates, who is interested in Galveston, and he admitted that the contract of compromise did authorise us to locate our scrip, and demand patents therefor forthwith.  He remarked with much warmth, "Burnett is a damnder ass that I ever thought him."  He affects to consider Triplett's letter a surrender of the grant, but it is evident to me he is uneasy about it.  Also conversed with A. C. Allen.  He treats the surrender as compleat, but says he never saw it.

Called to see Mrs. Murat; found Mr. Macrae there; Murat not at home.  I had delayed calling on her for several days, in order to accompany Mrs. Dr. Barton.  But today we were to have gone together; by some accident we missed each other, and she and Mr. T. B. Barton went together.  I met them coming out as I went in.  This was awkward, and I felt a little unpleasant about it at first, but I believe the fault was my own.

Found in New Orleans Wm. G. Cooke, to whom I delivered letters.

Wednesday, February 8, 1837

At New Orleans. -- Received of Jas. H. Caldwell $43, for Mrs. Gray, her bill for tuition of Sophy in music.  The bill had been sent to New Orleans by Mrs. Caldwell.  Received my thirty-one pieces of loan scrip from Brander, McKenna & Wright, and gave them a receipt for it.  Received also from Wm. Christy the odd one to which I became entitled by lot, making thirty-two in all.

Mr. Crump, a Mr. Latham, and several other gents. arrived from Vicksburg, also Jos. Christy from Benton, Mr. Widgery from Jackson.

Dr. Neblett also arrived from Vicksburg.  He is full of the Galveston scheme, and averse to dissolving our first arrangement, of putting in 100,000 acres of land.  He will not return to Texas this winter.  I believe he is unwilling to encounter the conflict he would have to sustain there.  Both he and Triplett seem disposed to escape from the fire themselves have kindled.  Saw General Foote of Mississippi; he was just starting for the North, via Mobile.

Thursday, February 9, 1837

At New Orleans. -- Introduced to Colonel Gholson of Virginia, just from Texas.  He is pleased with the country, and has entered into many speculations there.  Is one of ten original projectors of the Canal, Railroad and Banking Company, and complains of an attempt on the part of the distributors of the stock to leave him out, in his absence.  He has looked into our Galveston claim, and considers it good.  He asked of Neblett that he might be of counsel for us, should the question ever come to trial in the courts.  He also held conversations with

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The Diary of William Fairfax Gray, from Virginia to Texas, 1835-1837
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