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having been upwards of six hours on the river, pulling against a strong norther and current; day quite cold and clear.

Stopt at the tavern of Mr. Hall.  A perfect shell, dirty and crowded, surrounded by mud; the house in Virginia would not be considered habitable.  A carpenter would hardly remove it for it.  Yet it rents for $800 per annum.  No stable, and scarcely any enclosure around the lot.  Found here R. M. Forbes, and Mr. Nibbs, a lawyer, whom I had known last winter.  He has bought lots here, and is living in a shanty with his family.  Bill at Brazoria, $3.

Tuesday, February 28, 1837

At Marion. -- Fine, clear day.  Mr. J. T. Gray borrowed a horse and rode to Columbia.  I could not get one, and walked it, two miles through the bottom, road laid out straight, but not smooth.  Saw Burnley, Boyd, Dr. Jones, Grayson, Houston, etc.  Found D. P. Richardson, acting private secretary to the President.  Introduced to Secretary of War Fisher, Secretary of State Henderson, Postmaster General Barr.  Saw also Secretary of Navy S. Rhoads Fisher.[11]  Boyd and several others had their horses stolen last night.

Had a short conversation with Grayson about the loan.  He does not understand it, but is evidently much prejudiced against it.  Promised to look into the papers with me.

Saw the Bordens, and got my file of the Telegraph completed.  They wish to sell the office.  Returned in the evening to Marion.

Boarding here, Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Dupuy, from Kentucky, and her brother, Mr. J. J. Stevenson, Mr. and Mrs. Townsend, Missouri.

This place consists of about eight or ten houses of all descriptions, mostly shanties.  The lots have recently been sold out by J. H. Bell, at $100 each.  They are now asking two, three and four hundred for them, unimproved.  The tavern lot has commanded a bid of $4,000, which was refused.  The place will probably improve, and be a good place for neighborhood business, but can never be a great city.  Saw Lt. Woods, of Sherman's company; he has married a Mexican woman; bought lots here, and is improving them in the woods; a pretty place.

Wednesday, March 1, 1837

At Marion. -- Weather cloudy and drizzling.  Borrowed Mr. Nibb's horse and rode with him to Columbia.  Saw Governor Smith, now Secretary of Treasury, and Dr. Levi Jones.  Boyd and others have recovered their horses.  Bell's Indian shot a Mexican.  Saw Captain Allen and Captain Harry, of the army.  The latter is the Captain of Wm. F. Maury, whom he reported well.  Gave him the letters for Maury which I brought from his mother.  He is to return to the army tomorrow.  Got my file of papers from the printing office.  Could not get

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The Diary of William Fairfax Gray, from Virginia to Texas, 1835-1837
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