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In the afternoon Burnley, Grayson and McKinney came over.  I paid the latter for the horse, $200.  The horse had belonged to his nephew, and was left with him to sell.

Paid Captain Parker for passage up to Brazoria $3.00
Paid sailors and steward 1.25
Paid for apples .25
Horse, as above   200.00

None of the above vessels have brought me any letters.  I am without any news from home since 23rd of January.

Saw Edwin Waller and Colonel Wm. P. Hill.  Both gave me very cordial invitations to visit them, which I promised to do.  Arrived in the Julius Caesar, Mr. John A. Parker, Mr. Brook, and Mr. ----- Brokenbrough.

Monday, March 6, 1837

At Marion.  Discovered that my horse has the scratches, and a Mr. Stoddard, says he has the "Button fearcy" -- a disease that I never heard of before.  He recommended bleeding, and doses of burnt coperas.[12]  He kindly borrowed phlem & bled him, and also administered the casserass -- also recommended that sulphur be given him, to purify the blood.  I have made a bad bargain -- got a sick horse at a price that would be enormously high for a well one.  Not being able to ride, my first care must now be to get him well, and in travelling order.

Tuesday, March 7, 1837

At Marion. -- The weather is still unsettled and damp.  My horse has the scratches badly, and no hope of riding him for some days.  Wrote to T. Green; finished letter to Mrs. Gray; wrote to A. Penn.

Paid for three dinners at Columbia, $1.50.

Wednesday, March 8, 1837

At Marion. -- The weather clear and pleasant.  Mr. J. T. Gray dined at Bell's with the President, etc.  He and several others are preparing to go to the west tomorrow.

Found here a Mr. ----- Evans.  Said he is of Pennsylvania; was a fellow student of Arthur A. Morson and Brook Voss.  A lawyer; means to remain in the country to practice law.  Queer character.

Thursday, March 9, 1837

At Marion. -- This morning Mr. J. T. Gray, Mr. C. R. Balfour, Mr. John Funston, Mr. B. C. North, Mr. Allen Armstrong and Mr. John J. Stevenson set out for the West.  The latter goes only to the neighborhood of Matagorda, to view a

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The Diary of William Fairfax Gray, from Virginia to Texas, 1835-1837
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