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half league of land, which he and his partner, Dupuy, have bought conditionally of John B. Johnson, the clerk of Austin County.  I was employed to draw the contract, the first professional job I have got in Texas.  Fee, $5.

Ten gentlemen also went down the river, on their way to the United States, among them the two Browns.  One of them spoke to me to undertake to sue or collect a debt from the Bordens, if not satisfactorily settled in New Orleans.  Our house is becoming quiet and lonely.  We have had a bustle ever since I have been here.  I am impatient to go, too.

Friday, March 10, 1837

At Marion. -- Today Burnley, Trigg and Dr. Jones came over, on their way to Velasco.  Trigg has purchased a half league of land, and is returning to the United States to bring on his family.  Lives at Abingdon, Va.  Dr. Jones is going to the United States, to Vicksburg, Mobile, etc.  Burnley told me that, in conversation with McKinney, he had admitted the expediency of compromising the Galveston conflicting claims, and between them they had arranged that Mr. Menard should go on to Richmond, clothed with full authority from the proprietors of the league grant to treat with T. Green, if he shall be authorized by our party, for a compromise.  I assented to it, and gave him my written authority to Green to act for me.  Wrote to T. Green on the subject, also to Dr. Neblett and R. Triplett, urging them to come into the measure.

Wrote to A. H. Wallace & Co., requesting them to purchase for me the following:

Louisiana Civil Code.
Digest Louisiana Reports.
Archbold's Criminal Practice.
Pothin on Obligations.
Work on Courts Martial.
Scates' Infantry Tactics.
Austin's Map of Texas.
Jefferson's Manual.
Mattress and mosquito bar.

Received of Mr. Philemon Waters $500 for my bill on W. G. Freeland, at five days' sight, for which he is to negotiate one of my drafts on T. Green.  Wrote to Freeland.

Saturday, March 11, 1837

At Marion.  Wrote a letter to the President, demanding my scrip.  In the afternoon, rode with Parker to Columbia.  The President had left town, to spend a

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The Diary of William Fairfax Gray, from Virginia to Texas, 1835-1837
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