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few days at Splanes.  Saw Genl. Henderson.  Enquired at post office.  No letters from home!  Returned to Marion.  Weather, damp, cloudy, and showery all day.  Very warm, and threatening rain.  This night I stript and washed myself all over the first time I have done so since I left home.  Slept in a clean night shirt, the most comfortable night's lodging I have had in Texas.

Sunday, March 12, 1837

At Marion. -- It rained a storm last night and all this morning.  Of course I did not go out.  Wrote all the forenoon.  Wrote to Peter.  Commenced letter to Mrs. Gray.  In the afternoon sat a short time in Dupuy's room with his wife and Mr. and Mrs. Townsend -- pleasant people.  Became acquainted with a Mr. ----- Widgen, of Norfolk, Va., also Mr. Tebbetts, and Mr. Hubbel of Mobile, just returning to the United States, after exploring the country for a few weeks.  Also a Dr. Porter of -----.  It is becoming much colder, the wind veering round to the north.

Monday, March 13, 1837

A severe norther arose last night, and this morning it is very cold.  Paid my account to my landlord, ----- Hall, and determined to go to Bell's for a day or two.

Tavern bill   $20.50
Washing, one dozen 1.50

Went to Columbia.  The President has not yet returned from Splane's.  Had a conversation with Henderson about the loan.  He is very determined that we shall have no priority.

Here is a General Felix Huston, dressed a la militaire.  He is tall and well made, rather slender.  Has the bearing of a proud, ambitious man, evidently making an effort to be free and easy, so as to win popular favor.  This is a first impression.[13]

[Paragraph scratched over]  The President returned about 1 o'clock.  Delivered my letter to him, claiming my scrip.

Went to Bell's in the evening.  Here are Colonel Owens, Mr. Hobbs, Mr. Gregg, Crittenden, etc.

Tuesday, March 14, 1837

At Bell's. -- Had a long conference with Henderson and Grayson about the scrip.  Could make no impression on them.  I have exhausted all my argument, and have now only to make my formal demand and receive a formal answer.

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The Diary of William Fairfax Gray, from Virginia to Texas, 1835-1837
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