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Went up to Columbia.  The President returned about 1 o'clock.  Delivered my letter.  He said he had no authority to sign the scrip; that he would file the letter and give it proper attention, etc.  Could not engage him in a consideration of the subject.  Complained of being unwell from drinking some eggnog made by Mrs. Splane.  Returned late to dinner at Bell's.  Found Parker there, who had been out hunting and lost his way.  In the evening Burnley and Richardson returned from Velasco, and the President and General F. Huston came down and crowded the house.  Much seeming cordiality exists between the two Generals.  The President gave up his bed to General F. Huston, and himself slept on the floor.  Some of them played cards until 12 o'clock.  I slept with Colonel Owens.

Wednesday, March 15, 1837

The President is sick; no chance to get answer to my letter.  Left Bell's, determined to go to Houston City.  Burnley, Grayson and General F. Huston rode to Marion.  Found Parker could not accompany me to Waller's, and in order to have the company of Colonel Hill, determined to wait until tomorrow.  Washed my horse's legs, painted his scratchy ankles with white paint, and turned him out.

Thursday, March 16, 1837

At Marion. -- My horse could not be found.  Fine day.  Spent most of the day hunting him through the woods.  Went up to Columbia.  Saw Grayson and Henderson, and they promised if my horse came to Bell's to take care of him and let me know it.

Friday, March 17, 1837

At Marion. -- No tidings of my horse.  Hunted him in the woods; at night a Mr. Nash told me he had seen him in the woods.  Wrote letters, etc.

[Inside back cover]

2 pocket handkerchiefs
2 shirts
2 collars
1 pr drawers


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The Diary of William Fairfax Gray, from Virginia to Texas, 1835-1837
Copyright 1997 William P. Clements Center for Southwest Studies
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