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go with him.  Returned to Marion.  Dispatched letters that I had written to the United States, viz., to T. Green, A. H. W. & Co., and Mrs. Gray, by the hand of Dr. Porter.

Wednesday, March 22, 1837

Paid Forbes for sack of corn, $5.  Paid Hall tavern bill.

Rode to Columbia after breakfast.  Burnley not ready to start until after dinner.  Wrote to Dr. Meux, about the scrip, etc.  No answer yet to my letter; found it was referred to the Department of State.  No letters from home!  Went to Bell's for dinner.  After dinner started with Burnley and Hobbs.  Rode sixteen miles to Damon's, at the Mound, an elevated ground of some thirty feet above the level of the prairie; seen at a great distance, looking like a mountain.  All the rest of the country here and below, a dead level, dull and uninteresting.  Damon not at home.  A Caliban-looking fellow, with an unconscionable jaw and chin, named Stout, officiated.  A good supper, a fine, large, roasted wild turkey at the foot of the table, coffee, stewed apples, milk, etc.  Here we met a Captain Lynch, Dr. Peebles, Taylor Peebles and Judge Baker (Joseph Baker) of Bexar.  The latter an intelligent and rather prepossessing young man, apparently twenty-six or twenty-eight years old.  He is Chief Justice of the county.  A good Spanish scholar.  A Yankee, lived six years in San Felipe, taught school, and edited Telegraph.[ 3]

Bill, $1.25.

Thursday, March 23, 1837

Left Damon's at half past 7 o'clock.  Hobbs and Lynch started before us, Hobbs going to his late purchase on the La Vacca.  Dr. Peebles joined us.  Dull journey.  Arrived about 1 at Thompson's, fed horse, ate dinner.  Packed corn with us for food at night.  Met Mr. Hudson going below.  Dinner and corn, $1.50.

Arrived at Allen's at dark, having travelled full forty miles.  At Allen's found Mr. Bliss of Marion.  A pretty looking place, well watered, well diversified with wood and prairie; fronts on Brazos; about 3,000 acres; sold recently to ----- Walker of Mississippi for $2 per acre, payment to be made in May.  I. R. Lewis, negotiator.  I think it cheap.  Groce has sold a half league just above at the same price.  Allen one of the oldest settlers.  Bill at Allen's, $1.

Friday, March 24, 1837

Left Allen's about half past 7 o'clock.  Arrived at San Felipe at 10.  Only three or four miserable houses in the place, one good looking home building by Huff.  Arrived at Cummins' at 1 o'clock.  Took dinner, 50 cents.  Cummins in the United States.  Miss Rebecca says she has not heard from him since he left home in November last.  Here Dr. Peebles left us, his house being close by, on the

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The Diary of William Fairfax Gray, from Virginia to Texas, 1835-1837
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