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Brazos.  Arrived at Colonel Edwards' after 2 o'clock.  Found here Dr. Berry, Steele, Brokenbrough, S. Colquehoon, and a stranger, Howth.  Burnley stopt to meet some person expected at night.  I went on alone.  Arrived at Perry's, on Caney Creek, about dusk, eleven miles from Edwards'.  Got a good supper and lodging and corn for my horse.  Bill, including breakfast, $2.

Saturday, March 25, 1837

Left Perry's at 8 o'clock; arrived at John M. Walker's, eight miles, before 10.  Walker not at home.  Saw Uriah Saunders; he has engaged a man named Lawrence to clear out his league, thinking I would never return.  Saw also Sanders Walker; he had also engaged another person (Dr. C. B. Stuart) to clear out his league.  The contract was made the day before I arrived.  Rode on to Gary's; not at home.  My horse has taken sick; went to Gideon Walker's in search of Gary; had gone to Woodward's; went there; he had gone home.  I followed, and when I returned found he had bled my horse in the mouth.  He was in much pain.  All thought he had the botts.  At the instance of Mrs. Gary and a Mr. Henderson, who both said they had seen the Mexicans use that expedient, I exerted myself in slapping his sides and kicking him, which he bore with wonderful quietude.  I suppose he was in so much internal misery that he did not regard the external infliction.  Gary gave him a strong drench of salt and water, also alum.  He had no more appropriate medicines.  Towards night he was able to stand up, and seemed free from acute pain.  I mounted and rode him briskly over the prairie for a mile or two, which seemed to improve him.  He refused to eat corn or to drink water.  Hobbled and turned him out on the prairie, and he began to graze.  I now concluded he had only had the cholic from having eaten too much corn at Perry's.

Saw at Woodward's a Mr. Ryland Clarke Ballard, formerly of Virginia -- laborer, blacksmith by trade, and Captain Joseph P. Lynch, who keeps a little store there; had commanded a company in the service of Texas.

Gideon Walker is a Justice of the Peace.

Gary says he is not entitled to a league, his wife having been once before married, and her first husband having drawn a league.  He therefore can claim only one-third of a league.  And that he wishes to clear out himself.  But he offers me a contract which he had made with one Nunly, in lieu of his own.  Wrote for him a contract and power of attorney for Nunly to execute, and if he does so I will take it.

Sunday, March 26, 1837

At Gary's. -- A very warm day.  My horse seems to be entirely well, but feeble.

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The Diary of William Fairfax Gray, from Virginia to Texas, 1835-1837
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