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took leave, with a kind invitation to repeat the visit.  Passed the plantations of J. R. Jones, Bynam and Sayre, distance called ten miles; took me near three hours to ride it.  Horrible road, through the bottom.  Arrived at Marion after sunset.  Found here J. T. Gray and his party, returned from the West delighted with the country, but he bought nothing; is going back to the United States; not pleased with the government.  Found here also a Mr. Stockton from Kenawha, Va., Peter Minor from Albemarle, and many other new comers.  A Mr. Hawkins of Kentucky, late of United States navy, whose father was a partner of Austin, came to look after his property.

Supped at Hall's, but when bedtime came the old rascal told me there was no place for me to sleep; went to Peters', who was also full, and I had to beg a resting place on the floor of Forbes' counting room, where I made out with blankets and overcoats, quite as well as I should have done at Hall's.  Resolved to have nothing more to do with such a rude, unaccommodating fellow.

Ferriage at Marion, 25 cents.

The report of the Mexican squadron has blown over.  The vessels, whoever they were, have passed on, towards Galveston.

Saturday, April 8, 1837

At Marion. -- A bitter cold morning.  Ice was formed in vessels that sat out all night.  And all the young plants are killed.  Weeds, etc., three feet high were prostrated as soon as the sun came out on them.  An old settler who has been in the country ever since 1821 says he has never known anything like it before.

J. T. Gray, J. A. Parker, Mr. and Mrs. Townsend, Funstall, Balfour and many others went down the river today, in the steamboats Yellow Stone and Wm. Bryan, on their way to the United States, to sail in the Wm. Bryan.  Mr. and Mrs. Dupuy, also.  The Yellow Stone proceeds round to Houston, and I shipped my two black leather trunks by her, to care of Smith & Allen.  My hair trunk I shall leave here to be sent by some other opportunity.

Sold to Captain West, of the Yellow Stone, a draft on A. W. Wallace & Co., for $1,200, on account of my drafts on John Ward & Co.  Wrote to them to cash my two drafts of $1,000 each, pay my bill for $1,200, and send me the balance to Houston by some safe private hand.  See letter.  Wrote also by Parker to Mrs. Gray, Jere. Morton (with copy of the resolution of Dr. Everett referring loan contract to government ad int.), Geo. Hancock, Th. D. Carneal, J. F. Irwin, Lewis Whiteman, J. N. Morrison, Paul Anderson, J. S. Branden.

In evening rode to Columbia.  Got letter from Mrs. Gray, February 10 to 20.  Also from W. F. Ritchie, with endorsement of duplicate from R. Triplett to President Houston, December 12.

Postage on Triplett's letter, $1.12 1/2; on Mrs. Gray's, 22 1/2 cents; mending

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The Diary of William Fairfax Gray, from Virginia to Texas, 1835-1837
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