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martyred Alamo defenders. Thomas L. Miller, "The Roll of the Alamo," pp. 54-64, reduced this total to 179. Of those named by Gray, Lord and Miller do not accept the following as correct:

----- Anderson.
----- Rowe, Nacogdoches.
William Simpson.
----- Henderson.
----- Sterne.
Jas. Sewall, Nacogdoches.
----- Bowen, Tennessee.
----- Warner.
Capt. ----- Gilmore, Tennessee.
William Ellis.
----- Ballard.
----- Spratt.
----- Robbins, Kentucky.
David Murphy, Tennessee.
Francis Desooks, Storekeeper.
John Balone.
John Burnell.
F. Desanque, Philadelphia.
John ----- (clerk in Desanque's store).
----- Hutchinson.
----- Ingram, England.
Of those named on the above list, [A.] Anderson, Jas. [Marcus] Sewell, and [John] Spratt, had in fact been at the Alamo in February, 1836, under the command of J. C. Neil (Muster Roll, TSA). John -----, "(clerk in Desanque's store)," was the slave of Francis De Sauque; Williams accepts the slave but not the owner as being among the Alamo dead. Williams indicated that William Simpson and Francis De Sauque left the Alamo as couriers.

The following names appear on Gray's list twice: Geo. C. Kimble, Gonzales; Capt. A. Dickerson, Gonzales; William Lynn, Boston; Robt. Crossman, New Orleans; Jas. Stewart, Nacogdoches; Jon'a Lindley, Illinois; Christopher Parker, Mississippi; Sam'l Holloway, New Orleans Greys; and ----- Pollard.

On Gray's list, first names and spelling corrections (also using Williams, Lord, and Miller as sources) have been indicated in brackets for this edition.

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The Diary of William Fairfax Gray, from Virginia to Texas, 1835-1837
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