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Journal of the
Texian Expedition
Against Mier
by Gen. T. J. Green, 1845

The Library of Texas
Series No. 2 - 1993
Edited by   Sam W. Haynes
Front Matter

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Copyright 1993
by W. Thomas Taylor

All rights transferred to the
William P. Clements Center
for Southwest Studies

Southern Methodist University
Dallas, Texas

 Illustrations ~ by Charles M'Laughlin
 Introductory Chapter
 Ch. 2 ~ on Pres. Houston's Conduct
 Ch. 3 ~ Vascus plunders San Antonio
 Ch. 4 ~ Woll takes San Antonio
 Ch. 5 ~ response disorganized
 Ch. 6 ~ Texians take Laredo
 Ch. 7 ~ Fisher elected Commander
 Ch. 8 ~ Battle of Mier
 Ch. 9 ~ white flag
 Ch.10 ~ march to Mexico
 Ch.11 ~ march to Saltillo
 Ch.12 ~ Black Bean episode
 Ch.13 ~ march to the capital
 Ch.14 ~ to the Castle of Perote
 Ch.15 ~ in the Castle of Perote
 Ch.16 ~ Castle of Perote, continued
 Ch.17 ~ escape from the Castle
 Ch.18 ~ to the mountains
 Ch.19 ~ to Vera Cruz
 Ch.20 ~ embarcation for home
 Supplemental Chapter ~ reflections
 Ap.I ~ Texians in the Battle of Mier
 Ap.II ~ T. J. Green correspondence
 Ap.III ~ Mexican publications
 Ap.IV ~ Dr. Sinnickson's statement
 Ap.V ~ Mier prisoners released
 Ap.VI ~ support for Mier prisoners
 Ap.VII ~ letters re Journal
 Ap.VIII ~ letter of British position
 Ap.IX ~ on Santa Anna in 1836