Honor Roll
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Fall 2013
Honor Roll

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 Published for each Fall term in early February and for each Spring term in mid June.


  • Honor Roll with High Distinction - Top 5% of your school of record
  • Honor Roll with Distinction - Top 10% of your school of record
  • Honor Roll - Top 15% of your school of record


  • Appointment determined by percentile rank based on cumulative SMU GPA
  • Must be degree seeking students; non-degree students are not eligible.
  • Completion of at least 12 hours of courses with grades A through D- for the term (Engineering co-op students are eligible based on successfully completing the co-op program for the term.) (Courses that are excluded from the undergraduate program (i.e. 4+1 students) are included in determining honor roll eligibility.)
  • No incomplete grades, in any prior coursework, at time selection process is run
  • For students with majors in separate schools a percentile rank is determined separately for each school with the highest percentile rank applying.